Tracking at Hidden Canyon

  Created : 02 May 2016

There are many natural tourism destinations in Bali that are not yet widely known by the public. That's because the location is far from the city center and the lack of promotion from the tourist location. The existence of the development of communication technology makes the promotion of tourism in Bali increasingly easy and make tourist sites previously not widely known to be frequented. Like the Hidden Canyon valley in the flow of the Beji River, Guwang, Gianyar. Named Hidden Canyon due to its location away from the urban center and still natural.

Hidden Canyon visited by many foreign and domestic tourists due to Instagram application users who post many beautiful photos of that location. Many photos show the track or path that must be passed to the Hidden Canyon location. The location was originally only a fishing ground for local people. Then because there are some people who know the location has its own charm then quickly attracted Hidden Canyon by tourists. Even the naming of Hidden Canyon itself comes from naming its own tourists.

The increasing number of tourists coming to Hidden Canyon make the surrounding community to make management and arranging in that location. In the early entrance of Hidden Canyon there is ample parking space coupled with stalls selling gifts, food and drinks. There is also a place entrance ticket and tourists are charged an entrance fee of Rp. 15.000, -. I think the price is quite cheap with the natural beauty that is served there and also includes the cost of parking as well as for the cost of cleaning the location. New or never visited Hidden Canyon tourists should use the guide services provided there. That's because the Hidden Canyon passes through the river and climbs rocks that are pretty slippery and steep. 

The initial journey to the Hidden Canyon cliff begins with down the stairs and through the tirta (place of ceremonies / activities of Hindus) located alongside the river flow. After that tourists are required to cross the river, therefore if you want to visit there should wear shorts / waterproof and off footwear. Slippery footwear will be dangerous if used to pass this path. After that the path continued by walking aside and climb the stones that are there. The rock structure there looks very beautiful. Especially added weeds or hanging plants that can be found alongside the lane. It is recommended if you start walking up the stones to be careful and not carry heavy items or can be entrusted to the guide. Along the way if you look back will see sunlight penetrating into the valley of rock. The further down the valley, the curve of the Hidden Canyon valley the more beautiful. Plus the flow of water that flows in the big rocks there. The distance between the payment counter to the last valley before the return line can be reached within almost an hour, but also depending on the tourists if it is easy it will quickly find the beautiful scenery in the valley.

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